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Art: "Allegory of the Tudor Succession", c. If your browser does not support image maps, click here. As of , there may be some limited orphan works exemptions in some other countries.

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We'll post details here as we learn more epub. He enters the night-shrouded house in quest of the Yellow Sign, all bolts and bars rotting at his touch. And when the people rush in, drawn by a scream that no human throat could utter, they find three forms on the floor—two dead and one dying.

One of the dead shapes is far gone in decay. A typical work of dystopian fiction describes a grand scheme for moral, social, or cultural improvement that has gone terribly wrong. But we think that in the strict history of the case, there was here, soon after, a coalescence between the Institution already begun at Canonsburg, and now further enlarged, and the " Log-cabin " schoolrather than as has often been asserted, that "the Canonsburg Academy grew out of the Log-cabin," and was simply an enlargement of it.

That the merging of the "'Log-cabin" school into the Canonsburg Academy, and the active co-operation of Dr.

M'Mlillan and of the Presbyteries and churches, gave life and vigor to the Academy, cannot be doubted: and this will be made apparent in the progress of this history. Though there was no formal recognition of the facts above stated on the part of the "Academy and. The Synod of Virginia, October lst, , took measures to get up two institutions, one in the bounds of the Presbytery of Lexington, Virginia, and the other in the bounds of the P1resbytery of Redstone, then including all Western Pennsylvania and Virginia, for the purpose, especially, of aiding poor and pious young men in their preparation for the gospel ministry.

For a full account of this matter, the reader is referred to the note below. And Dr. MIM'illan was appointed by the Synod to take the Library Company," or their trustees, we have no doubt they well knew the Academy would have speedily gone down but for these main elements of its life. Why there was not a greater prominence given to these features of the case, it may now be difficult to say. Perhaps, as we have already intimated, it may have been thought wiser and more prudent. With such men as Col.

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  • Henderson, M'Millan and Smith, may have rightly thought the whole enterprise, in this way, would be perfectly safe and would succeed better. Jose ph Smith was chairman, to form a plan for promoting the education of persons for the ministry of the gospel, and to bring in an overture on the subject. Upon the report of this committee, the Synod having considered the same, and made such amendments and additions as were judged necessary, agreed to it-as follows: "As the supplying of, churches with a pious and well qualified ministry is of acknowledged importance-overtured —lst.

    That the Synod of Virginia undertake the patronage of a seminary of learning for the purpose of educating young men for the gospel ministry. That they devise means for supporting or assisting young men of piety and genius in procuring an education, who may' not be possessed of sufficient property for the purpose.


    The' Synod highly approve of the proposition contained in the overture, as they are well convinced of the necessity of extending the opportunities of acquiring knowledge, and especially the knowledge of the doctrines of religion, to all who intend to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. William Graham, as the president; the other in Washington county,.

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    The Redstone Presbytery, a few weeks after the action of the Synod of Virginia, October 18, , having met at Pigeon Creek, approved of the recommendation of their Synod, and appointed Dr. M'MIillan their treasurer, and "ordered their members to use their best endeavors to obtain contributions for the purpose and put Pennsylvania, under the care of the Rev. John M'Millan. The principles upon which these institutions are to be conducted are as follows: " 1st. The learned languages and usual circle of sciences shall be taught in them, to as many as shall be sent there for instruction.

    During the course of academical education, and from the first initiation of the students into the seminaries, a course of religious instruction shall also be entered upon, and continually adhered to during their residence there, according to the principles of our church. Books of a practical and doctrinal nature shall be put into their hands at once. Catechetical lectures shall be established and examinations entered into, upon their progress in this kind of knowledge, from time to time.

    The attention to these studies shall be kept up during the whole of their academical course, and suited to the capacities and progress of the youth. The Presbyteries of Lexington and Hanover shall be the trustees of the seminary in Rockbridge, to cherish it by their influence, and pointedly to attend the examinations of the students, either in a collective capacity, or by committees from their respective bodies, duly appointed.

    The Presbytery of Redstone shall, in like manner, superintend the seminary in Washington county. In one or other of these institutions, it is the advice of the Synod, that all the youth within our bounds who intend to engage in the ministry of the gospel, shall be instructed.

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    As there are a number of pious youth in our country who might be servicable in preaching the gospel, but, through want of sufficient ability, are unable to obtain an education; it is the intention and desire of Synod that the ministers in their respective Presbyteries shall seek out such, and that they, being examined and approved by the Presbytery, shall be placed in the respective seminaries, at the expense of the Presbytery who shall approve them.

    In order to obtain the proper supplies for such indigent students, the Presbyteries are exhorted to use their influence, in their respective bounds, with the pious and benevolent, to make annual contributions for raising a fund for this purpose: this fund to be placed in the hands of the treasurers appointed by the Synod, who are to return annual accounts of receipts and expenditures; and from it the youth, upon the foundation, are to draw their.

    M'Millan as soon as possible, and of their diligence therein to render an account at the next spring meeting. The probability is, that the Synod, though leaving that matter entirely open for the action of the Presbytery of Redstone, supposed, or took it for granted, so far as they knew the views of Messrs. Smith and M'Millan, and the course pursued by those brethren, that the location would be either Washington or Canonsburg, just according as these places and their vicinities might evince the more decided practical co-operation.

    These two remarkable men were the most prominent movers in the whole business at Synod. Smith was chairman of the committee who reported the whole paper on the subject. But they were both trustees of the Academy at Washington. Smith lived comparatively in the vicinity, and his congregation included some then living in or near Washington. But he, sharing with Dr. M'Millan in desponding feelings about the further prospects of Washington Academy, had united with Messrs. But though he had aided in a movement to get up the Canonsburg Academy, as he was still a trustee at Washington, and he had not yet lost his interest in that place, or his hope of reviving that suspended school, it was, perhaps, his special desire that the Synod should leave the precise location of thie Presbyterial supplies, by an order from their respective presidents.

    And those youth, upon their obtaining their education, at the expiration of one year, after being settled in some line of business, shall begin to refund to the treasury the expenses of their education, in such time and manner as the Presbytery may direct. The rules of these seminaries and the mode of education therein, shall be submitted to the Presbyteries for their respective approbation.

    He soon after finished his course by a triumphant death. Had he lived, it is hard to say, what his influence might have been in determining the place of the school, and in modifying its whole character. We have already seen that Dr. M4'M1illan lost his confidence in the institution at Washington. He considered it as dead.

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    • The Presbytery, perhaps, partook largely of his views and feelings. At their next three meetings, however, they took no decisive action on the subject. It was a time of unusual trouble, from the Indians. The country was in a state of great distraction. Perhaps, also, they thought it prudent to take time sufficient to enable them to determine wisely what they would do as to the manner and place of carrying out the recommendation of the Synod. At length, when they met at Pigeon Creek, October 18, , the question of location, as to the institution intrusted to their care by the Synod, was fully considered, and the several places-Washington, the Log-cabin, and Canonsburg, were, perhaps, advocated by their respective friends, " The Presbytery unanirmously agreed to aqppoint C anonsburg to be the seat of that institution of learnng, which they are aSpointed by Synod to superintend; and that all the young men, taken upon the fund for the sulpport of poor and pioous youth, shall be educated there.

      But it resulted only in a kind of compromise, by the adoption of the following resolution, viz: "That if it should appear, at a future day, most conducive to the good of the church, that another seminary of the like nature should be erected in our bounds, we will not oppose a division of the funds. This determination of the Presbytery to make Canonsburg the seat of their institution, though it did not result in securing to the Presbytery any control over the Academy, or any right or power to sit, as a co-ordinate branch of the Board of Trustees, or to elect or even nominate any of the.