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If he or she deliberately disobeys, the child should be informed of the upcoming spanking and escorted to a private area. The spanking should be lovingly administered in a clear and consistent manner.

Afterward, the lesson should be gently reiterated so that the child understands and learns from this teachable experience. Disciplining our sons and daughters is part of the tough work of parenting, but it will pay big dividends in the long run. So spanking, when used judiciously, appropriately, and in combination with other disciplinary techniques, can be a helpful part of training our children.

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Let me offer a final word on the national tragedy of child abuse. The pain from these horrific memories lingers with many of these individuals for a lifetime.

Pediatricians: Don't Spank Your Kids - The Atlantic

Abusing a vulnerable child is always, and extremely, damaging and wrong. Parenting is a hard job. None of us do it perfectly. And to make it even more challenging, none of our kids come with an instruction manual attached.

Spare the Rod and Don't Spank the Child

But our children need us to do it to the best of our ability, with all the wisdom, love, gentleness and strength we can muster. In this role, he provides leadership for the 13 licensed mental health professionals and two ordained chaplains who offer guidance and resources to people facing a variety of circumstances.

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Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. It includes six stories of the hottest erotica and spanking, guaranteed to make you blush. So please feel free to celebrate with us, take a look, check out the samples and see if it piques your interest! Blushing Mischief is the best name I've ever heard for a writers group. I still say that "Children of the Porn" was a better name.

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