Above All Else: Erotic Tales of Lesbian Romance

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Writing as L. Raand, she has authored a paranormal romance series, The Midnight Hunters. In she received the Dr.

Okay, to start at the beginning. What drew you to writing and could you tell us a little about your journey from deciding to write to publication?

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My journey started when I learned to read and fell in love with stories. I started writing before I was 10 so I could read stories in which girls were the heroes. When I discovered others liked to read my stories, I began to write more than the one book a year I had been writing and putting away in my desk. First I shared my original fiction as well as X-Files fanfic on my website and other Internet sites, and eventually I began to publish them formally. Do you think that authors still have a pivotal role to play in reaching out to readers?

Is that something you focus on in your own work? I know what we write makes a difference in the lives of LGBTQ people because I still receive emails practically daily from readers of all ages telling me so. What better proof could we have of the importance of our work?

I write books I hope readers will enjoy and try to address issues of timely interest in my plots. The First Responder Series is one that you focus on women who serve on the front lines. My favourite being Firestorm. I have always enjoyed mixing romance with actions scenes, and women as heroes is a theme of mine — this is a natural fit. Taking Fire , the newest, has been the most challenging in terms of the plot complexity and detail — lots of research. There is danger, field surgery, the clash between war and humanitarian goals — and of course, passion.

The Honor Series follows Cameron and Blair, when did the idea for the series come to you?

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Cameron and Blair evolve over the series becoming more powerful and more targeted, was that something you intended to explore from the beginning? How hard is it to keep the sense of threat heightened in each book? The first in the series is one of my earliest books and the idea grew out of a my interest in putting strong women at odds.

Then it just kept growing. I think any series is a challenge in terms of balancing familiar elements reader enjoy with new plotlines to maintain interest. Provincetown Tales is a series that features Reese and Tori can you tell us a little about the series and what drew you to writing about the location?

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The Justice Series follows Rebecca Frye mostly What made you interested in writing her story and can you tell us a little about the series and what readers can expect? This a police procedural with four intertwined romances among the police and their colleagues and lovers. The books were meant to stand alone but the series is best read in order to se the developing relationships as well at the on-going storylines.

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I think this is my darkest, most intense work and probably the most complex. Did you enjoy moulding the different species to your own creative vision? Even with all your series, you still find the time to write a romance or two! Is that something that you enjoy doing as a writer? Which was your favourite romance to write and why? All my books are romances — even series books have romances within them.

Onto editing, Do you enjoy editing the anthologies? What other collaborations do you want to explore or have planned? I do enjoy editing anthologies — I like interacting with authors in a different way than I do as a publisher and I like the structure of writing. This lets me explore all the aspects of craft and meet new authors at the same time.

Karin and I decided to do a two volume erotica series while having brunch one October in Ptown.

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It was great fun and easy to do. With my schedule now I probably will not write in collaboration with anyone else. You also happen to be the founder of Bold Strokes Books, was it your vision from the start to grow into one of the largest publishers or has that been an offshoot from your own success? My vision was to create high quality LGBTQ fiction and provide a structure to promote authors and their work. Has being a publisher and editor made you look at the way you write differently?

Do you enjoy the publication process as much as the authorial side? I have always been aware of the marketplace even before BSB, but I spend a lot more time studying and analysing market trends than I did in the beginning. I love publishing and writing equally—they exercise different parts of my brain. Radclyffe receiving the Dr. June Lesbian sex orgasm. We add new lesbian sex galleries every day so make sure to check back often for our latest sexy lesbians.

Stranded , Naiad 3 women from a hermaphroditic species are sent as "disembodied minds" to Earth to stop a villain. They end up identifying as lesbians and fighting a fundamentalist movement led by the villain. Griffith, Nicola. With Her Body collection of three stories with lesbian protagonists. She lived a simple life and she lived it day by day. In the blink of an eye, however, Lillian's life changed forever.

It was a twist of fate that changed Lillian, for she came to know bloodshed and fighting as a new way of life ref.

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Perhaps this is because erotic fiction allows the imagination free reign, and some women rely heavily on a "mind fuck" when it comes to being aroused. Sex stories allow women to imagine every kind of sexual situation, it's an outlet for women's sexual fantasies. This site features stories of erotic encounters in fantasy situations.

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It's the ultimate sex stories site for women. It's hard to draw a clear line between what is pagan-themed and what isn't This list, therefore, is obviously rather selective and reflects my personal bias. I should also note that I add books as I read them, so some things on this list are books I haven't read in years, and my opinions may change when I reread them download. Dark Water's Embrace lesbian, transgender; on another world hetero-sex doesn't quite seem to work.

The series highlighted a world in which same-sex marriage was common. One of the central characters named Sam Adama, played by Sasha Roiz, had a husband named Larry, played by Julius Chapple Primrose fromlasvegastothepromisedland. He starts unbuttoning my blue blouse and slowly he peels it off me. What if Edward left Bella in the woods and instead made off with Jasper to San Francisco Raging at the Stars download online fromlasvegastothepromisedland.

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For complete guidelines, visit www. She has proven her faith in the lord time and time again with her continued devotion and attendance to her duties ref.