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We halt this programming to bring you a brief word about Russian names: all Russian names come with a patronymic, or father's name, in the middle. For example, Oblonsky's full name is Prince Stepan Arkadyich Oblonsky, which means that his given name is Stepan or Stephen , his father's name was Arkady hence, Arkady-ich , and Oblonsky is his family name. Anna is her given name, her father's name is Arkady so, Arkady-evna; which makes sense, since she and Oblonsky are siblings and Karenina is her married last name, with an "a" attached because she's a woman.

Complex, we know, but sometimes in the novel you might see characters using both the first name and patronymic, and we wanted to get our explanation out there before things get too confusing. All rights reserved. This book is already complex enough: trust us. We start with the famous first line: "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Everything is a mess in the Oblonsky household: Stephen Arkadyevich a. The best philosophical and political discussions were held in French. In the novel, Tolstoy has Vronsky speaking to Anna in French, where he can use the polite but still personal vous form for a while, until their relationship develops into something more intimate. Tolstoy has Levin embody this point of view in the novel.

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Levin, when observing Dolly, his sister-in-law, trying to get her young daughter to speak in French, thinks:. I had first read the novel as a teenager, and I remember feeling quite proud of having read one of the great Russian works War and Peace came soon after. And this time around, rather than feeling smug at having read a great Russian, I feel immense satisfaction at being able to read the French as easily as the English. Sadie's Highlander. Maeve Greyson. Highland Fate. Victoria Zak.

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