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Apr 28, Miriam Mathew rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories , angels-and-demons , 4-amazing-stars. Jeffrey Archer's short stories are amazing. The best thing about them is that each story has that unusual quality about them that makes them unique.

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They're all extremely different and I like that a lot. Most short stories start to get a little repetitious after a while but Archer kept me turning the pages till the end. Of the twelve stories, nine were inspired by tales Archer was told in prison, and the other three are stories of his own design.

The other nine stories are generally mediocre, but readable, stuff. Our main man thinks he has a plan worked out to counter this nefarious plot….. Overall, the book is decent, the stories drift along lazily, without anything close to profound to stumble on. Apr 13, Mark Soone rated it liked it. My rating is in actuality a 3.


I just cannot justify giving this 4 stars so rounded down rather than up. I love Jeffery Archer and consider him among the premier short story writers of our era. This collection however is not among his best short works that I have encountered. Don't get me wrong it is still a worthwhile read for Archer fans and short story enthusisats.

The ironic thing is this collection con My rating is in actuality a 3. The ironic thing is this collection contains 12 works, based upon prison and criminal themes. Archer is still brilliant and able to weave brilliantly detailed and descriptive scenes with both likeable and unlikeable characters in such a short stretch A decent enough yarn about a man and wife who have a buisiness venture go south A brilliant read, for those who like an intense game of chess! Can he ever go straight? A seemingly law abiding citizen, and his female counterpart hatch a brilliant plot to hide money, not declare it on their taxes A brilliant plan, a horrific revenge Do ex-cons deserve a second chance I know, of course they do!

A police commissioner goes out on a limb to say that they do, then is faced with the chance to practice his preaching rather than just have it be good public relations. View all 6 comments. Shelves: jeffery-archer.

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As always Jeffrey Archer creates amazing stories. This is my first short stories each was entertaining, engrossing and hilarious. It is based on white collar crime. I could not put down this book it was so interesting and I would recommend to everyone. I say give it try you will not regret it. View 2 comments. Mar 08, Jenn : Godzilla is King rated it liked it. This was an entertaining read. I found that Mr. Archer did tell a good story though in a few of them. Jan 28, Cortney rated it liked it Shelves: mr-kim-recommends.

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If you just want something different and yet mildly refreshing, then this is absolutely for you! This was fun before bed. A short story a night, but I really, really, REALLY like to get to know my characters and that is not feasible in this type of short story. You get to know them, sure, but they are not well developed. It was different, and I think I needed that after a book hangover, but this is not something that I would read often. Mar 02, Richa Bhattarai rated it it was ok.

It was okay, an almost-fun read. Some mildly surprising endings.

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Just made me hungry for Roald Dahl stories. Listened to in audio format. Some of the stories were works of fiction and other stories were told to Jeffrey by his fellow prisoners. I enjoyed some of these stories more than others. However I did not enjoy In the Eye of the Beholder because it was offensive to overweight people.

Lord Archer is a won Listened to in audio format. Lord Archer is a wonderful storyteller and I felt this story was beneath him. Apart from that story Cat O'nine Tales was an excellent selection of short stories with a twist in the tail. I will listen to this book again and again. I was looking forward to reading short stories, because it goes at a good pace throughout and it has steady flow so that i can keep up with what's happening! After reading this book i didn't know what to think of it.

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It was a very mature read, and it refers to problems that is happening in society today. Money problems. Jeffery Archer retrieved most of these stories while he was in prison. I read the stories: The Alibi favourite , The Greek Tragedy and the man who robbe I was looking forward to reading short stories, because it goes at a good pace throughout and it has steady flow so that i can keep up with what's happening!

I read the stories: The Alibi favourite , The Greek Tragedy and the man who robbed his own post office.

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I didn't really understand what was happening in the story 'the man who robbed his own post office'. His language use was to mature and i didn't understand what most of the words meant.

This book completes the category 'three short stories from one anthology'. I found this category interesting because every anthology is different with a general theme. Jeffery Archer's theme was the stories of how his cell mates ended up in jail. He tells their stories which i found quite cool, as he is using his status to tell their side, the truth of what happened. There was no inspirational or funny quotes in these short stories i found it difficult to find one as it is just usual everyday talk.

But i guess in 'The Alibi' my favourite would be "What a Muppet he was. He only had three weeks left to serve, when he- 'Pete' i tried again. Something i learnt from these short stories, is to be good with money and if you are ever desperate at one point it's alright to ask for help instead of doing something illegal.

You will most likely always get caught. My favourite character in the story 'The Alibi' would have to be Mick. He gave that bit of humour to the seriousness of the book. A nice collection of short stories; each depicting various facets of human nature like revenge, helplessness, greed etc. Each story is unique and interesting and keeps the reader longing for more. The best of the lot is "The Wisdom of Solomon" where the twist is brought at the last moment and is entirely unexpected.

All in all a great book for enjoyable light reading. Apr 05, rivka rated it liked it Shelves: short-stories , bookswaps. Fun and irreverent. Almost always a surprising twist at the end. My only problem is with the title. Cat O' Nine Tales: And Other Stories implies one of the stories is called "Cat O' Nine Tales" -- but there was none by that name nor any likely candidates for having had that name but getting it changed. Jan 28, Ram rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. Just finished reading "Cat O' Nine Lives" an excellent collection of short stories by Jeffrey Archer in his inimitable narrative style, which is brilliant.

A reasonably entertaining series of short stories, the majority of which are based on tales told to Archer during his incarceration at Her Majesty's pleasure Way better than I thought it would be TBH cause I've only read his novels and wasn't sure if Archer could be equally great in narrating short stories but apparently he is! There were only a couple stories that didn't fascinate me much but the rest I'm in love with. But that was my knowledge bound about the author whose name is ever so advertising in golden font among piles of paperbacks dominating the city bookstore racks.

In fact it had began with exploring the sarcastic anthropomorphic feline illustrations by Roland Searle that caught my imagination and in no time I found myself turning the pages to find the shortest story in the book to begin with. I finished it in no time and immediately felt the push to savor the rest. Out of the 12 stories 9 were picked up during his incarceration years in five different prisons.

The other three were picked up after his release but all are according to him are true stories! Most of them are concluded with unexpected endings and the twists and turns at the ending is what makes these stories a very enjoyable and often surprising ride. The best part of this book is the fact that JA never restricts himself to the dutiful obligation of rendering the characters in flat black or white colours with morals but picks up a varying shade of grey to illustrate his so called con characters and their bewildering acts. It makes the reader guessing about the fact whether there ever was a clear division between the mind of a con man and a co called regular one because both are constantly adapting to circumstances and changing to switch over ends.