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Tales from the Darkside Season Two is easy to marathon for nostalgic creepiness and all manner of bumps in the night. Witches and Bayous, Oh My! This trio of somewhat obscure retro pictures has the spooky mood, atmospheric locales, and bemusing magic needed for a little late night enchantment. Mark of the Witch — A noose, mud, frock coats, and ye olde speaketh set the scene for this tale of year-old witches and revenge on a Texas college campus, oh yes. Colorful fashions, pigtails, and cigarettes add nostalgia as far out dudes play the sitar and ask hip chicks about their zodiac signs.

They can substitute some dried rosemary for the fresh sprig in the recipe, right? Things get slow when the embodied witch learns about our world — the telephone and coffee percolator are explained before campus tours and unnecessary music montages. And look at those classic station wagon ambulances! Again, some action is laughable thanks to bizarre, poorly edited make out scenes and a certain tame to the potions, pompous explanations, repetitive rites, and psychedelic light show driving out of the evil spirit.

Though neither stellar nor scary, this is both bemusing and creepy for a late night viewing if you can take the bad with the good. The town name, however, gives her the creeps — as does talk of her having potential gifts thanks to being born with a veil.

A history of magic and experimental science

Although the outdoor filming is super bright, retro phones and a packed station wagon add to the desert drives, dangerous curves, and explosive accidents. A doll from the wreckage has fingernail clippings in its pocket and the sense of bizarre increases with nearby funerals, dead children in coffins, burning at the stake flashes, disappearances, and tombstones.

There are however no children in town, pregnant women have to leave, and our couple moves into the same place as the recently, mysteriously departed. These devil worshiping townsfolk in white robes prefer hiding in the past with time stopped and have no interest in the present thanks to goblets filled with bitter red liquid, astrology, ESP, and tarot.

Mismatched fade-ins, crosscuts, zooms, and askew angles accent the hazy rituals, devilish lovers, and brief nudity. However, such editing both adds to the eerie and allows for more weird while making it look like creepy, lecherous, self-proclaimed magician Welles filmed his asides separately. Have any of these encounters actually happened?

Despite shades of The Wicker Man foreshadowing, it takes a bit too long to get a clue even as the poison mushrooms, skeletons, and rituals gone wrong become more bizarre. Fortunately, there are some fun twists to keep the somewhat obvious and slightly nonsensical warped entertaining. Repressed dreams with through the peephole distortions, cages, and dual mirror reflections match subtle wedding ring moments and not so subtle slasher style violence.

These upscale housewives are trophies gussied up just to drink — but our Joan lets her hair down, goes for a tarot reading, admits her fears and sexual curiosities.

Opening Hours

Moans and naughty innuendo add to a sensuous, pretty in its own way seventies color with patterns, fringe fashions, and bright makeup. Although some obnoxious acting and muddled meta conversation is poor, there is a teatime frankness on the emerging seventies lifestyles and well put occult discussions countering the stereotypes. Neither the extreme repression or the escalating wanton is healthy, nor is replacing a crap marriage for the latest risque, dangerous vogue.

Yes, this is a desperately bare production, and cheap editing leaves the ninety-minute version looking more like leftovers than a polished film. The Witchmaker — The picture may be a little flat for this slow burn also called The Legend of Witch Hollow, but vintage swamp scenery, moody moss, weeping willows, shallow boats, and Louisiana cemeteries set off the bayou murders. Mellow music and swimming babes in white lingerie begat violent kills with ritual symbols, dripping blood, binding ropes, upside down hangings, and slit throats.

The disturbing is done with very little, but eight women have been killed in last two years, thus intriguing a parapsychologist investigator and his team of sensitives, psychic students, and skeptical magazine writers. Old townsfolk fear the culprits are immortal witches who need blood to stay young and warn the guests of snakes, quicksand, and gator-filled marshes.

Early electrical equipment, radios, and technical talk on waves and magnetic fields balance the somewhat dry acting and thin dialogue as more bikini clad psychic women rub on the sunscreen while our ominous warlock watches. Although the nudity is relatively discreet with the skimpy suggestion doing more, the maniacal laughter and slow motion running while clutching the boobies is a bit hokey.

Thankfully, lanterns, hidden rooms beneath the floor, underground tunnels, and satanic rituals sell the macabre. Crones with gross teeth and dominant spells must recruit these psychics to the coven for invigorating body and soul trades as the scientific talk gives way to candles, seances, chanting, and fog. Green lighting, red sheer dresses, and skimpy blue nighties are colorful spots among ominous witnessing, creepy statues, torches, and demonic altars. The investigating team buries victims amid out of control powers, hypnosis, and screams while the witches enjoy a little necking, decoy dames, knives, and fiery brandings.

Granted, the male investigators are limp leads, just the facts fifties cops out of place compared to the ladies feeling more of the sixties Hammer lite. The raising of the coven is more entertaining — all kinds witches, warlocks, cool cats, and unique characters manifest for some wine, feasting, and whips for good measure. The red smoke, music, dancing, romance, and chases lead to a blood pact or two before one final romp in the mud. Overall, this remains tame, and the plot should have gotten to the more interesting coven action in the latter half sooner.

However, the unpolished aesthetics and retro feeling keep this late night drive-in eerie fun. Kristin Battestella aka Kbatz is very excited to at last ramble about the highs and lows and ways to watch the gothic sixties soap opera Dark Shadows! In this introduction to the series, learn about the storylines, technicalities, and monster mayhem!

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Get involved in the kitschy conversation on our Facebook Group! Thank you for being part of Horror Addicts. When Gil falls in love with publisher and upstairs neighbor Shep Henderson James Stewart , she uses her cat Pyewacket to cast a spell. Shep must fall in love with Gil and thus not marry her former rival and college classmate Merle Kittridge Janice Rule, 3 Women.

We often allude to love being like a bewitching spell in lyrics and poetry. The fanciful and fun take on possible love from socially at odds groups-humans and witches-is lighthearted and still enjoyable today. There are a few lighting effects, camera tricks, and the proverbial smoke and mirrors, but more than anything Bell Book and Candle allows its players the time and space to show the magical fun.

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His mix of enchantment and clueless nonsense when confronted with the world of witchcraft must have been great fun then-as it still is now to the modern viewer. In a way, there is a touch of passing the torch between the graying Stewart and energetic Lemmon. We believe her when she says she has the power to get things done, yet we feel for her wishes for normalcy. The high life of mid century New York is a delightful time capsule, and the pillow talk approach to witchcraft is in a way modern but no less sweet.

However, part of this charm also irrevocably dates the portrayal. While not deliberately offensive, the clean cut fifties stylings goes for the traditional broomstick stereotypes. Classic film fans, however, can also enjoy the similar I Married A Witch starring Veronica Lake- both films are often attributed as the inspiration for the beloved television series Bewitched.

Modern romantic fans tired of the same inane plots over and over will be charmed, too.

Youthful audiences who still enjoy enchanting tales like Bewitched or Hocus Pocus can take in Bell Book and Candle at Halloween, Christmas, or any time of year. There are many superstitious actors who will tell you about various curses of the theatre. The most famous, however, may be to not say the name of The Scottish Play.

This is brought most humorously to light on an episode of Blackadder The Third. To honor the Three Witches , all items in this stew come in threes. Three meats 1. Three seasonings 1 Tbsp kosher or sea salt 1 Tbsp ground black pepper 1 Tbsp smoked paprika. Three leafy greens 1 bunch of kale 2 scallions, chopped 3 ribs of celery, chopped. Three roots 3 wee neeps turnips or small rutabagas, or 3 parsnips , chopped 6 carrots, chopped 9 young tatties waxy or fingerling potatoes. The moon hung low against this celestial backdrop, a perfect orb of brilliant milky white.

Evelyn did not answer as she stood moon gazing. She was totally transfixed, entranced looking at the heavenly orb. Raising her slender, milky arms into the air, her slender body swaying gently, she began chanting and intoning sacred words. With eyes closed and her body still slightly swaying she chanted melodic words. Her body was present in the room, yet he could see she was transported to another place that was not of this world.

Adam was not sure if the effects of the fire and candle light were causing him to see things. Her face was lost in rapture and she appeared to radiate an inner light. At that moment he did not know her. She was more than his delicate Eve, she was emanating a supernal light, a power and radiance. Burrowing his head in her soft belly he sobbed as he had never ever cried before. His hot tears ran in rivers over her soft skin, and Evelyn tenderly stroked his hair, and let the release come.

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All the pain stored in his heart burst forth. Looking up at the brilliance of the moon, a peace descended upon him.

The meaning of witchcraft by 9 en Ur - Issuu

Tenderly she raised him to his feet, and dried his wet face with strands of her long black hair. Two bodies merged and two spirits soared. He felt as if he had left his body and was pure Spirit, as was his beloved.

Two became one. Two bodies, two hearts, two souls unified across time and space. When their lovemaking was over, Adam held Evelyn as if he would never let her go. They lay together watching the moon in her beauty and fullness. His tortured soul was at last content and at peace. By the light of a fire burning bright. Desire ignited within her dark eyes. She went to him with innocent guise. After Hearts and bodies did entwine.

The venom brought her to the floor. He told his wife he loved her no more. As the poisoned wine her life did take. He would rue until the end of time.

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She thought she had become lost, and she panicked to be alone so far from home. As she neared a clearing in the forest she was delighted to see a fine Knight upon a fine horse. The sun was glistening on his amour and he was a dazzling sight.