Carters Conundrums - Book 1 of Meredith Pinks adventures in Egypt

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Bearing in mind that in reviews of second, and third volumes I will not spoil ANY of volume one — there are carefully worded, designed to intrigue newcomers…. Attitude on a stick. Lots and lots of interior art at the bottom of that article! The announcements are going to come thick and fast now! News underneath! It was identical, but not at all like it was before. Now, the thing is, this is all perfectly normal for a Michael DeForge yarn.

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And us…. It happens to most people when they reach a certain age. Some turn into twigs and stay twigs until they die. I also like to think he is the William Blake of 21st century comics, forever destined to be viewed as an idiosyncratic lunatic by those unable to perceive the philosophical nature of his works.

He is, I believe, a genius. Open this book, open your mind. Turn a page, tune in, let your ego drop out. Creationism is rife down there and offense can be taken very easily. Meanwhile, not thinking, and indeed, not doing, are two things Wendy accuses Kevin of rather a lot. Buy Ganges vol 5 and read the Page 45 review here.

They have been wiped from the minds of individuals and hidden deep underwater in The Cortex, a space ship the size of a city. But trust has to be earned, and it has to be reciprocated in order to mean anything worthwhile. What creatures do you imagine lurk in its vast, inky depths? What does a Tenta-Drive look like? The Cortex itself, shimmering in the dark, will take your breath away! Along the way Emily found herself in possession of a Stone which granted her telekinetic powers.

Or did she become possessed by it? Crucially none of them were ever trained to become Stonekeepers but selected instead. As AMULET VOL 7 opens Emily awakens from a heart-wrenching dream of her Dad to find that her Stone seems particularly interested in their new destination: a supply station which was attacked but not ransacked and is now flooded with echoes, with memories. Which is where, I believe, we came in. Throughout AMULET Kibuishi has made it equally clear that you cannot judge individuals by their race or nation, and the majority by the actions of the minority at the top.

Humans versus Dark Elves: it may seem clear-cut on the surface but everything is a matter of perspective, and humans, as we know, are capable of many atrocities and much injustice. So many here have become moulded by their past. Much of which Kibuishi has carefully laid down long ago is finally coming together — so much more than expected. Buy Amulet vol 7: Firelight and read the Page 45 review here.

Since knowledge came so often at a terrible cost and survival depended upon it, preserving as much as possible in the form of fables was essential.

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  • All the legends involve suffering and mortality to some degree or another. The light plays on the rocks and grass wherever it can penetrate the pines, the shadows are clean and crisp, the wildlife is a wonder, and the boy grows visibly physically, during the course of the book. Another repacking, and not bad value for money, either. No more vodka. They ought to give people a bit of dignity.

    I could have pulled a quote from every single page. They keep the urban urbane then slowly but surely introduce a Chelsea-Girl glamour after the eyes start lighting up with new life. Tom was very fond of cake too. Poor Ali is at a crux in his young life. Nobody draws slightly despondent young adults quite like him.

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    The things you get excited about fastest are the things that get boring the fastest. Anything that ever meant a damn took a while. I found this to be right on the mark. It was also my experience with OCTOPUS PIE which took me a little while to warm to before falling in love, but then this is a page collection of its first two years and everyone and everything needs time to develop.

    OCTOPUS PIE was originally published on the internet in daily single-page bursts which quickly coalesced into longer storylines focussing on health food shops, bike theft, romances, childhood rivalry, nerds-versus-stoners rivalry, selling fares at Renaissance Fayres and urban development in Brooklyn.

    Right from the start it is topical for its time, raising serious issues like security versus freedom albeit in ludicrous ways. This is, after all, a comedy. Makes you feel closet to Heaven! Perhaps my favourite sequence involved the ludicrously detailed, military-level pre-planning strategy session for a laser-tag contest to settle the nerds-versus-stoners dispute, then its life-or-death execution. I once scored minus at Laser Quest. On the surface Gran comes from the Matt Groenig school of cartooning, with big balls for eyes which are squished to denote various levels of knowingness, suspicion and cunning.

    Same goes for the woman Will meets at the fayre — could not be more differently delineated. Typically, Eve dances the entire manoeuvre, from start to finish, as grumpy as ever.

    Woven Gardens: Nomad And Village Rugs Of The Fars Province Of Southern Persia David Black

    Buy Octopus Pie vol 1 and read the Page 45 review here. Lima frightened her. She felt safe in exactly two places: our house and the Azcarates house. Lima frightened me a little too actually. Plus the peculiar micro-climate due to the Humboldt Current means Lima is by far the cloudiest, mistiest, foggiest city in South America, which only adds to the depressing feel. The second you get a reasonable distance up the highway to the north of the country into the desert plains the blazing sun comes out and it did feels like a different altogether more welcoming world entirely. Until you get to Cuzco, that is, and have to have eyes in the back of your head once more for the infamous strangle muggers apparently lying in wait down every side street for unsuspecting gringo tourists!

    Yes, I much preferred Bolivia to Peru, I must say. Anyway… the prospect of reading a story set in such a dispiriting locale was perversely part of the appeal in having a look at this work centred around the neophyte journalist Oscar.

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    Having discovered that his recently deceased father, a philandering petty criminal, had another family has left Oscar deeply questioning his own identity. In trying to understand how much of his personality has been shaped by his father and his wayward lifestyle, Oscar finds himself becoming increasingly estranged from his mother, perhaps not least because she seems be developing an almost sisterly bond with the other woman.

    His editor, meanwhile, is pushing him no less hard for a news story. But, it is perhaps more than a little ironic that the destitute denizens of one of the most soul-breaking cities in the world feel the need to dress up as circus performers to try and blag enough money from commuters just to make it through another day.

    Anyway, feeling like a man adrift from what was the bedrock of his life, Oscar concludes the best way to understand the tears of a clown is to become one, if only for a week. No pan pipes thankfully… To his surprise, the anonymity of the greasepaint, wig and costume provide just the remove, and perspective, both figuratively and literally, on his family and own emotional state, to finally begin to come to terms with it all.

    This is wonderfully written material, if rather on the dark side obviously. The art style matches the tone of the piece perfectly, though I found myself appreciating it rather than enjoying it. There is so much black ink and so many heavy lines I found it a little oppressive, but I suspect that is entirely the point, and as I say, entirely appropriate.

    Buy City Of Clowns and read the Page 45 review here. This hauntingly illustrated silent work left me slightly bewildered. I enjoyed it, I think, absorbing it rather than reading it. I think that might be the best way of expressing it. A lone being in a diving suit straight out of 20, Leagues Under The Sea is relentlessly dragging a huge wooden ark through a near-featureless desert.

    Nothing dents their relentless progress towards… well, what? In the meantime, to keep us entertained, there is a dramatic plane crash, a zeppelin patrolling the dazzling skies, mysterious lighthouses arising from receding sands containing caged Siren-like seductresses clad in burkas, plus battling bands of Bedouins and beautifully livered soldiers. Oh, and a boy holding a scorpion in each hand! The ark, though, forges on regardless…. It may even be there are several allegories being made here.

    My best guesses are: man versus nature, the futility of war, the greed of man ensuring self-destruction etc. All the usual tropes perhaps, and yet this work does have an enigmatic and endearing quality which kept me enraptured right until the end. Partly because I wanted some answers. Who is the figure in the diving suit, what was on the Ark, where was it going? Nothing but the truth from the lips of your old pal John.