Find a Job With Social Media: Find a Job You Love Using Social Media

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How to Use Your Social Media to Get a Job!

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Disadvantages of Social Networking

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Social media and job hunting

Entry-level work: Hi there — Does anyone know if the new restaurant on Third is hiring? Professional caliber search: Dear Friends — I have decided to launch a new job search and am looking for opportunities in the marketing field. As you know, I have 15 years experience developing comprehensive, strategic campaigns for small businesses.

Some social media forums are more formal and professional than others. You may also find an advantage in joining social media groups related to your profession or area of interest. Not only can you find job leads, but you also gain the opportunity to meet new people in your field and develop relationships that can result in professional opportunities. Establish yourself as a professional and develop relationships from there. Social media is a tricky vehicle, particularly if you mingle friends, family and colleagues.

Such an occurrence can make you look bad by association and hinder or halt your efforts to harness the advantages of media and networking. After you establish contact with potential employers or contacts, move the conversation offline to telephone, private messaging, email or in-person meetings. Avoid public postings and back-and-forth conversations that others can see.

One of the pros of social networking in a job search is your ability to cast a wide net; one of the downsides is that everyone else has access to that same net, and publicly sharing information about potential job openings could decrease your chances of securing a great opportunity. While the advantages of media and networking include utilization of an effective and modern job search tool, not everyone uses the medium. This is particularly true in low-tech industries.

Some companies still use newspaper ads, website postings and job posting services to seek out new staffers. Another way to utilize social media in a job search is to use search functions to seek out former colleagues, supervisors, and friends and family members who might be able to assist in your job hunt. Rather than post to their pages, send private messages. Using a service like Hootsuite or Buffer can allow you to schedule and post to multiple sites at the same time using the same message, which saves time.

Write well-researched, succinct posts to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Also, follow relevant career-oriented sites to stay engaged with the latest information in your field and consider reposting articles or data that aligns with your career. Become a more active participant in the social media realm.

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  • Top tips on using social media to get a job.

Consider posting once or twice a week to keep each social media account active. Connect with experts in your field on social media and find chapters or groups where you can gain membership.

How to use social media in your job search

For example, use LinkedIn Groups to search potential groups that match your skills and request to join. Once your social media accounts are scrubbed and career-focused, now is the time to engage with job search and recruiting sites. Build relationships in your field and connect with career-specific recruiting pages to look for potential job postings. Using social media to find a job can be one of your most effective tools.

12 ways to use social media to get a job - Save the Student

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