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I'm used to much bigger. But I am not normal. My isolated throat control is so great that I can ripple it over his cock in hundreds of specific points, an act that is only magnified as I start to bob my head, threatening to pull his cock with me every time I go back. I make his balls my bitches, soft delicate hands moving to massage and mash them against my drool-covered chin, tongue flicking out past the throated cock to lash away at them.

For the next second I power-swallow, letting my throat muscles ripple on the whole length of him rapidly, nasty glucking noises audible to all. His eyes were already beginning to glaze over as I went face first into his crotch, this time latching my thick, strong lips to the base of his meat, clamping them into place with such strength that when I pulled my head away again his whole body tried to come with me. I released the pressure for just a second, a noisy slurp coming from my lips at the same time as a peeled sheen of glistening saliva and precum.

I was giving his cock such a thorough sucking that I'm fairly certain some of this mess was just getting vacuumed straight from his balls.

Speaking of those, I could see them tensing and I helped them along with a skillful massage, varnishing his sizeable sack with all the juices running down his cock. With his man-marbles marinated, I kicked up my pace, hair launching back and forth so fast my pony tail almost cracked like a whip against his thighs. First came the tell-tale groan Then the hangs clenched against my head, the toes could be seeing curling in the shoes, the fat testicles swelling fatter and pulling fast against his member, the groan intensifying into a broken-breath shudder and It was an impressive load, sure, but what might have choked your average porn-star was like a sip from a straw to me.

I held his prick deep for the whole thing, feeling his head swell against the interior of my throat. That was that, time seemed to return to normal.

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Fifteen seconds. Glad you enjoyed the stud. It was a few hours before the concert. I didn't know all the details, but there were definitely some deductions I could draw about the situation. The Governor, a strong candidate for being the next president, was expected to be attending the concert.

It is my assumption that his daughter—famed for her devotion to the arts and a cellist for her college orchestra—had come at this early hour to commiserate with the musicians and director, only to be met by my "problem" who was clearly up to his usual tricks. How could I tell the latter? It was unending, a non-stop stream of grunts, moans, screams, and gibberish half-words.

While this space had been built to magnify sound, no group of instrumentalists could hope to match the sheer level of volume being reached by the loan female tone piercing through the very walls of this place. I'm very professional, and time was of the essence, but despite these things I could help but stop and just stare for a moment. There was a hulking form on the stage, gorgeously layered in thick sheets of muscle, ripples and cavers showing the strength of his back that tapered down to a magnificent pair of magnificent buttocks.

This perfect ass was tensing in one position or another as it thrust and thrust, fast and hard.


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A pair of spectacular arms were curled around a pair of long smooth-shaved legs, the latter kicking in random direction at each sturdy thrust. The most incredible sight of all though, was the humongous nuts, each a sturdy cannonball of densely packed meat.

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These slid along the stage or pounded against it mistily with each thrust, a wet smack echoing alongside the hoarse-throated moans. I shook off my head from being so dazed at the site of him, clearing my throat. Oblivious, the viciously reaming stud just gouged away. Even though I couldn't see it from this angle, I knew what she was getting and couldn't help but think she was quite restrained in all her wailing; he'd gotten me to be much louder than this before. Finally I seized my tremendous ta-tas and stepped forward, wrapping my humongous hooters around the sides of his head, making the nipples meet in the front so that his eyes were completely covered.

The Governor's daughter was perhaps a foot-and-a-half in front of us, impaled on almost that much cock that arched inside her, making her belly swell up with a visible bump.

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The lips of her bare little pussy were spread wide, hugging the thick circumference of his dick for dear life as a shiny coat of her glistening juices spilled steadily out around it. Even with his motion stopped, she seemed to be shuddering through little orgasms. I pulled back, withdrawing my tits from him so he would feel their absence. His shoulders dropped a little, but he obeyed, slowly pulling inch after inch of cock out of the coed, her whole body sort of shivering with relief when his thick head finally broke free.

She looked as though she might be so gaped open that if I just took a flashlight to her I'd be able to see up into her brain. Poor thing. Emil shook his head, folding his ludicrous arms, their rippling muscles growing a little taut as they folded across his perfect Pecs. I'm not going anywhere until I blow a load. Even his enormous hands weren't up to the task of fully encasing one of his testicles.

I sighed.

I'll get you off ONE time. Then we leave. Thus would begin the eternal struggle between us. I, she of unprecedented sexual skill would do my best to get off he, of unsurpassed sexual endurance, before the police would be forced to relent and allow journalists onto the scene. If that happened, then a man's political career would be destroyed by Emil's gigantic cock.

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Speaking of which, I stared at the huge ramrod, half-dipped in snatch-syrup that arched out in front of Emil like a damned telephone pole, and licked my lips hungrily. Automatically add Jira users as watchers of the issue created and notify them of updates. Note that only existing users not those created from the Create User option can be added as watchers this way. The following diagram shows how Jira processes each incoming email message and determines how its content becomes a new issue or a comment on an existing issue:.

For additional mail servers you link to Jira applications, we recommend the following pre-processing tips:. If your mail folder contains replies to Jira email notifications, set up rules that filter out auto-replies and bounces. If you do not do this, there is a strong possibility of mail loops between Jira and autoresponders like "out of office" notifications. Jira sets a Precedence:bulk header unless you have disabled this and an Auto-Submitted header on outgoing email, but some autoresponders ignore it. The following rules in procmail format will detect most auto-replies:.

Even with these rules, you may encounter auto-replies with nothing in the headers to distinguish it from a regular mail. In these cases, you will just need to manually update the filters to exclude that sender. Whenever you create a new mail handler, or edit an existing one, you should test its configuration to ensure it works as expected. Administering Jira Cloud products Documentation. Cloud Server Versions 8. Configuring Jira application emails Configuring email notifications Creating issues and comments from email Custom events Advanced configuration Configuring Jira Cloud to send emails on behalf of your domain.

Related content No related content found. Still need help? The Atlassian Community is here for you. For Jira to process an email, the sent date must not be older than 7 days. Option Details Split Regex Specify a regular expression matching the text that separates the content of the email message mail body from other replied or forwarded content in the body. If the incoming email is set to a high priority, the corresponding issue will be created with a higher priority than the default priority that is set in your Jira system.

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It wasn't relevant. In the modern world, the e-mail is one of the most widely used ways to communicate, whether it is personal or professional. In fact, it is estimated that the average amount of e-mails sent per day is billion, which means that for every human being on the planet, there are over 25 e-mails sent!

The truth is that this can easily get overwhelming for an individual — and can be downright insane for a company that is handling business with thousands or millions of customers. Looking for German speaking virtual assistant VA to respond to emails, do phone calls and research. I have a really old windows program that only runs on windows XP. It has a built in SMTP sender where results can be sent by email. However, this windows program can only set the 'Email Server', 'Email From'.

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I can not change anything like Ports and etc. What I need is a windows service where I can send an email on the local machine [login to view URL] and relay it using Hi Will be needing workers who could post on classified sites[Removed by Freelancer. Email Marketing operator responsibilities include collecting and entering data in databases and maintaining accurate records of valuable company information. Our ideal candidate has essential website research,data entry, and English cold call skills, like fast typing with an e We need to create specific emails through Mailchimp for our website.


We already have examples of what each email should look like and say, we just need an expert to create them. They need to look clean, sharp and fun. You must be an expert with MailChimp - Advertising emails - Forgot Password email - Welcome email - Rewards email - Shipping email - Order confirmation email - possibly others. I need some help with someone who has knowledge on this topic and help me fix this.

We are looking to increase our email marketing. We are looking for skilled email marketers that know how to build email marketing lists and market to them.