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Doubly fitting is the fact that Dumbo was also an outcast in his film, which was also painted with watercolors like this one. Pudge also appears in Disney Friends. Lilo will tell the player to give Stitch a peanut butter sandwich to throw. If Pudge catches it, the weather changes and the player is awarded a pin. Running gag: Whenever the "Ice Cream Man" appears, his ice cream drops from its cone before he can finish it. Sanders was in the Original Animated film providing the vocal effects for Little Brother, whilst Lee was in the live action reboot as Bori Khan.

Jumba is also the last new Disney Role for Stiers before his death in The Grand Councilwoman remarks that Stitch won't survive in water because his molecular density is too great. During the second surfing scene, he almost drowns, pulling Lilo under in the process, and has to be rescued by David. Soon after first arriving on Kauai, Stitch encounters a frog in the middle of the road and is then run over by three trucks. A similar scene occurs at the end of the film, but this time he intercepts the truck and hijacks it to save Lilo from Gantu.

He mele no lilo- Lilo & Stitch

Bob van der Houven not only voiced stitch in the Dutch version, but also the German, Italian and Belgium versions. Many of the background aliens have designs based on Winnie-the-Pooh characters. The alien who says "He's loose on deck C" appears to be modeled after Roo, the alien who calculates where Stitch will land is clearly modeled after Piglet, and "Tigger" informs the High Councilwoman that most of Earth is covered in water. During the end credits, the photo around the dinner table is staged like Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want.

There is a Mulan poster hanging on Nani's wall. Since a fair amount of the film is a parody of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope , it can be implied that Stitch's escape in the police pod, in which he activates his hyperspace "H-drive", may be a nod to Han Solo's habit of jumping to lightspeed in the Millenium Falcon. Stitch's original ID number was until executive meddling forced Chris Sanders to change the number. It still is, in a way, since Stitch's number is 6 and 2 6's.

The character David wears a necklace with a symbol similar to the bone weapon Maui wields in the animation Moana After first arriving on Kauai, Stitch encounters a frog in the middle of the road and is then run over by three trucks. A similar scene occurs at the end of the film, but this time he protects the frog, and intercepts the truck and hijacks it to save Lilo from Gantu.

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Lilo and Nani lost their parents to a car accident. Stitch, living with Lilo and Nani and silently seeing how emotionally hurt they are, learns about the hurtful effects of loss.

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When he decides to run away, Stitch overhears Lilo sadly saying, "I won't forget you. I never forget those who do leave. Only does Nani stop weeping when Stitch reassures her by saying "Ohana, Ohana means family", something Lilo taught him. By saying "Ohana", Stitch reassures Nani that no matter how many losses will happen they Lilo, Nani and Stitch will always be together, as a family.

Plus a few dinosaur like aliens in white suits who also have ray guns are dressed similarly to the storm troopers. The experiment number for Stitch is "" which is an area code for the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California whether one of the writers for the movie lives or is from this area is not known.

When Stitch rips up a drawing of Lilo's, she exclaims, "No! That's from my blue period!

When Lilo explains that she needs to give Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich every Thursday, because he controls the weather, everyone thinks she is just being crazy. But later in the movie it is revealed that Lilo's parents died because of a rainstorm, which explains why this is so important to her.

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It may also indicate that her parents died on a Thursday. Jumba's red spaceship, seen in the climax, is heavily modeled after a Boeing This is because the original version of the flying chase scene involved Stitch and Jumba hijacking a Boeing from Lihue airport, and chasing Gantu's spaceship through Honolulu, crashing into buildings.

As a result, the chase scene had to be redrawn, with replaced by a similarly shaped spaceship, buildings replaced by mountains, and a street full of people replaced with a valley having just one fat guy in it. At the end of the film, when Stitch is dancing with Lilo's halau hula, the camera pulls back to reveal that they are performing at the Merrie Monarch Festival, a real annual festival honoring King David Kalakaua and celebrating Hawaiian arts and culture. The surfer statue featured in the end credits is a real Hawaiian landmark on Waikiki Beach.

It is of Duke Kahanamoku , a native Hawaiian considered the father of modern surfing and an Olympic gold medal winner. Nani also has a Duke poster in her bedroom. When Stitch strikes Jumba with a car and sends him flying to Nani's room she has a poster of Duke on the wall. When Stitch delivers a second blow the facial expression on Duke's face changes. During the ending credits the camera scans across various "photographs" of the characters. One of them is a "remake" of Norman Rockwell 's 'Freedom from Want' Thanksgiving Day painting with Cobra as the grandfather and Stitch as the grandmother.

In the very short birthday party sequence at the end, Stitch made an enormous cake, which has seven candles on it.

He Mele No Lilo Lyrics by Alan Silvestri

This would make it Lilo's seventh birthday, supporting those who have stated that Lilo is six years old through most of the movie. The scene of Lilo's house destruction was initially much darker, with Jumba acting more sinister, using his gun all the time, forcing Stitch to fill the house with gas, so that Jumba couldn't use the gun, but he, apparently going completely insane, fires the gun anyway and the house explodes.

The scene ends with Lilo watching in horror as her house becomes a huge bonfire.

The scene was heavily modified at the late production stages, with the gun barely used and made to look almost harmless even when does e. Stitch catching the plasma shot. It was also heavily laden with jokes and goofs, including "punch buggy", "I love that song", "Leave my mother out of this", "Happy Hanukkah" dialog, exploding doll, etc. The new scene ends with Lilo looking back in horror, as before, but the view of the burning house is completely cut. Due to time, a scene was repeated. When Stitch is burned off Gantu's ship during the climax, Lilo screams, "Stitch!

The exact same scene of Lilo saying Stitch's name happens again before Stitch tears a hole in a petrol truck to cause it to explode. When Stitch is first imprisoned on the Galactic Federation ship he bites Gantu. Gantu is then shown asking another alien "do you think this looks infected? Later on earth Lilo bites her classmate Mertle, who also asks her friend if it looks infected. Early in the film, Lilo is shown to have a passion for photography. Later in the film, Stitch finds out that Lilo keeps a family photo under her pillow. It's possible that the reason Lilo loves taking photographs so much is because a picture is one of the few reminders she has of her parents.

Throughout the film, Lilo is shown to have a love for Elvis Presley's music. It's highly likely that her parents were Elvis fans too and Lilo listens to his songs to keep their memory alive.

Lilo & Stitch: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack

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