Interesting Aquarium Topics: Corals, South American Biotope, Protein Skimmers, and Koi Pond

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I will have a large front entertainment area in the house, and I have a vision of the aquarium being a wall that separates that room from the other connected rooms. Almost like an L but with a bit more curve. Anyways, the tank would be decorated with fake corals, plants, and would be lightly covered with a coral substrate. For a tank this size, I am sure a wet-dry filter would be out of the question here.

For the sum of money this is going to cost to put in, service Give Chris at RK2. The filtration plumbing will go through a wall to an outside tuff shed. I wonder if this chap realizes how much money a system like this would cost. A "tuff shed" isn't going to be large enough for a system like this.

More like a very large room to provide easy access to all the plumbing and components. A separate electrical service to the building is another expense along with an automated power back up system in the event of a power outage. I cannot even begin to imagine what the total cost of a system like this would cost to build and install, but I'm sure we are talking well over K.

I guess I could go on and on and I'm going to be very interested in reading the response by whomever answers this, and I'm thinking you're the man. Please bear with us if it sounds funny. One of my friends and I are going to make a salt water pond in one of the islands were my friend lives. Actually we want to convert a fresh water pond to a saltwater pond. Dimensions are as follows. The options we have on our mind are: 1. My friend lives very close to the sea and some of you might know how clean our seawater is.

We did that before; but after few days we found out that the fishes eyes are getting infected.

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Question is, do you think this could work or where have we gone wrong? We are going to pump seawater directly from the sea to a sump get it skimmed and then send it to the pond and the overflow to return back to the sump.

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But we will have a mechanism to pump fresh saltwater from the sea like twice a weekly. Your suggestions please. I have visited the Maldives Keep up the good work. Please send along news of your progress, images if you can. We will keep you posted on the progress. I just need a better way to use what I have to make a better display and better water movement. When I had the tank custom made I asked for a style that could be viewed as a walk-around, it has a pump that moves gph, plus a 6x2x2 refugium sump filter. The tank has 4" of live sand but the seamount style that the live rock is arranged in is not a very good style and reduces the water movement plus also creates areas for detritus build up.

Attached is a photo of the tank so that you may see what I am talking about and looking for ideas to change. Please give me some ideas on how I should rearrange the live rock since the inflow pipes are fixed and cannot be moved but the top flow outputs can be changed if you think they need so. JustinN here!

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Briefly, I have a total l setup main tank: mmxmmxmm and trying to house a full reef system. I say trying because I have had various successes with corals, soft and hard. The costs to run this size setup are quite high with food, water, replacing lights, fish and corals etc. In many different ways but now I have a serious problem. This is needed to pay for a couple of power stations which no one seems to know when will be on line. It's the usual story about mismanagement of a national resource but of course it's nobody's fault.

It is already more than the acceptable minimum wage! Problem is I have this huge purpose built void in the wall to fill so will look a little silly. However I imagine a l tank would be manageable in terms of costs. I imagine and hope fish only do not require anything special? The moment the light is for the Aquarium trade it seems to be 3x the price!! If you are no longer planning on keeping the corals, just remove the Halides from the system Even if you kept all the T5's active, you'd still be looking at watts less draw per hour running. Fish only tanks do not require any kind of special lighting -- the light is purely for aesthetics in these configurations.

How much do I need?

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At the moment I have 1x. Various smaller pumps running all the other bits and pieces. I wouldn't personally drop the skimmer, but perhaps the wave generation can be dropped? Good luck!

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The lighting I understand. What do you recommend regarding the water flow? As you said I could drop the wave generator pump, what could I do about the other pump which at present is pushing out about 20 LPH.

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However the actual volume returned to the tank is less, perhaps half that? Now I'm a bit confused -- are you performing a balancing act, per se, between the tanks? Pushing water from the display to the sump with one pump, and returning it with a separate pump? I apologize if I'm densely misreading this, but if this is the situation -- this is a configuration destined for problems There should be an overflow of some sort to accommodate the drainage from the tank, simply by using the reliable powers of gravity, and this outflow is then returned via the sump pump.

If you're doing the balancing act here, removing and replacing both mechanically, that alone could be a great savings in power. Unfortunately, as big of a volume as you've got here, I'm not sure there's many solutions for circulation outside of using larger pumps -- traditional powerheads are clearly going to be fruitless, and even the newer propeller-drive style powerheads, like Hydor Koralia's, would likely be relatively weak with this size.

There's always the option of slowing down the output from the tank to the sump, and likewise the return to the tank, but I'd say you're in about the optimal range if you're moving 20,GPH. Would I have to get rid of my anemones, the clowns will be heartbroken!!!

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  6. My black and white Ocellaris has been having a long-term affair with my in-tank Tunze nano skimmer -- just don't tell his day-girl, the frilly mushroom! Would they panic if the fluctuation was say between deg C? Because then I can cut out my chiller. One pump circulates the water from sump to tank and then overflows back to the sump. Reason of course due to also supplying the skimmer, refugium and extra tank, twists and turns etc before delivering to the main tank.

    The overall turnover rate wouldn't be as high if you were to drop the wave generation pump, but this would definitely save a good amount of power If you can keep your seasonal variations within this range, you should be fine. Let us know if you have any further questions! I would add the angel about 6 months to a year after the tank is set up so he won't suffer from new tank syndrome.

    Lighting will be 2 48" 65 watt Coralife Lunar Aqualights. The Polyurethane foam will not only form a chemical glue bond, but will 'expand' in to the irregularities of the rock creating a mechanical bond as well. The Polyurethane is amazingly 'sticky,' and is inert, as well as surprisingly strong, once cured about 24hrs. Well the time has arrived that I can start to price and setup my dream system.

    source My military career is just a few years from being over and I have purchased land and have begun to start with an architect designing my home. I have read and applied many of Mr Fenner's and Anthony's teachings over the years on my 55 gallon and my mixed reef tanks. It seems I have learned so much and have made this hobby a treat. Since I tore down my last spring for my last military move I have kept the reef juices flowing by reading, studying and designing my dream layout.

    I want to go as big as I can handle and what the wife will let me. The display tank will be about gallons. My first question on my debate is the refugium. I have read Reef Invertebrates several times and want to go as big as possible. Is that over the top? I want an open look to the display and plan to only put about 1 lb of LR to every 2 gallons and make up the difference in the refugium. Basically the fuge would be one-quarter of the total volume around plus I want to add a gallon quarter cylinder tank strictly for smaller fish and anemone's plumbed in.

    Although you could also run the remote DSB with it. However can I add coral in that time frame or will the slow addition of fish cause a cycle in a tank this size? This is a long term project, and it sounds like you are approaching it as such. A few more quickies - what kind of turnover in the refugium is acceptable? In a tank this size you will inevitably end up with areas of high flow and low flow. So long as you place your livestock accordingly and have no dead spots of flow, you can likely get away with less. I have read many of Mr Fenner's and Mr Calfo's books, postings and thank you for what you do for us.

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    Have fun setting up, Scott V. Already drilled it has four holes in the bottom, two on the left side, and one on the bottom of the overflow.