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Whichever you choose, be sure to add photos of your children and their completed MOH activities to savor the memories! Here are some more specific recommendations for each quarter:.

8.1—Exploration & Interconnection

Quarter 1 — A. And, if you follow a traditional school schedule, those who celebrate Christmas will be doing so in this quarter. Quarter 2 — A. In this Quarter, we dig into knights and castles and all that epitomizes medieval times. You could choose one of these lapbooks to complete throughout Quarters Or, for individual lapbook components, visit our Misc. Lapbook Components Page. Lessons — Use this Mohammed Report Form to record what is learned. Lesson 32 — The Epic of Beowulf inspire an interest in dragons? Lesson 37 — This Charlemagne Report Form can be used to record what is learned.

Lesson — The Vikings are introduced. Quarter 3 — A.

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Here are some lesson specific ideas:. Lesson There are many versions of Robin Hood , but the picture book by Margaret Early is especially beautiful and well told. Or watch a version of Robin Hood and complete a Movie Lapbook. Quarter 4 — A. Homeschool Share has a few chapter book unit studies that would fit well in this quarter. You can read them aloud to younger children, or have your capable older children read them themselves. These Unit Studies all have printables to add to your Lap-n-Notes.

Lesson 84 — Before introducing Gutenberg, enjoy this beautifully done Marguerite Makes a Book unit study, about a young French girl who helps her father with illumination before the invention of the printing press. Then, peruse these Inventor Notebook Pages to record what you learn about Gutenberg. There you go! How important is geography, and how can I teach it to my young children without it being dry and dull, especially when my own knowledge of geography is limited?

You are not alone in your lack of geographical knowledge! I think it is high time to break this cycle! Geography is more than just knowing where places are. It is coming to understand how all the places on Earth and the people that inhabit them interact with each other. So much more than memorizing rote lists of cities and states, it is learning about various cultures, which are defined by traditions, values, religions, resources, cuisine, languages, economic systems, and geographical limitations.

Pretty exciting, if you ask me! Why is it important to include geography in our homeschool curriculum? Geography gives students practical skills, such as reading and interpreting maps, and also teaches them to think critically about the various issues and cultures in the world around them. It is also important, as the world becomes smaller, to increase knowledge about international markets and economies, including natural resources, industrialization, technology, transportation systems, and trade patterns.

Most importantly, we can better share the love of Christ and pray for people around the world if we better understand their cultures and spiritual needs. Your homeschool should be equipped with up-to-date globes, atlases, and wall maps of the North America and of the world. Blank maps can also be printed out for free at sites such as World Atlas.

Map floor puzzles are fun too. Computer geography games can be a real asset. You can download Seterra , a free comprehensive geography program with more than 50 map exercises and 13 quizzes to learn about countries, capitals, flags, mountains and cities all over the world! Or you can download one of the many free geography game apps at Amazon, or purchase the pc games series Carmen Sandiego. Passport to Culture Game. All Around the World Brain Box. GeoBingo — World Geography. A few well rounded, general geography books are good to have on hand. Children Just Like Me by Anabel and Barnabas Kindersley is a captivating book about children all around the world including photographs and quotes about what they eat, wear, play and live in.

Geared for 1st through 5th grades, it is interesting for all ages. Geography Through Art , taking you on an artistic journey through 25 countries, also good for all ages. While geography can naturally be extended from social studies, literature, and science, you can also become geo-savvy by studying it for its own merits, building unit studies around the continents. It is also easy to teach various grade levels together, providing age appropriate resources.

You can then extend the studies to other states that have meaning to your child — where grandma lives or a favorite author was born, or where a movie he saw took place. There is no need to cover every single state, but try to cover at least one state in each region. Again, if you are interested in joining our Homeschool Den Newsletter , feel free to subscribe here:.

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Marco Polo

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A bit about me: I have my Master's from Brown University. I have more than 20 years of teaching experience.

I was a high school teacher for many years both in the U. This free pdf has a list of many of the units we have available in science, history, math, and more! Get our free Science Unit Checklist, plus find dozens of links to our hands-on activities, packets and more!

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This post has links to dozens of posts and resources both for new and veteran homeschoolers for everything from finding homeschool curriculum to general homeschool advice and encouragement. My kids were ages 7, 9 and 11 when we first did this unit. Then it was updated when we did it again when they were 10, 13, Do your kids know the 4 largest countries?

Which countries have the most people? The longest river?

Marco Polo/Turandot: School International Education

This packet covers basic world and U. Wild Animals, and More.. History: China Unit 0. Jenkins, the HFD public information officer, says the investigation has taken two months because the fire involved several agencies, including Honolulu Police, the FBI and the U. We had to make sure everything was done correctly.

Speculation has ranged from the dramatic — such as an exploding crystal meth lab — to the mundane — an electrical fire. She is the president and owner of Insurance Associates, an agency that specializes in insurance for condominium associations and individual owners. But that is the building itself.

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  • The Wildest Waste.

Savio says lawsuits are expected from condo owners and renters who failed to buy their own insurance policies to pay for additional protection to their units. For additional protection, condo owners and renters must purchase their own policies to pay for damage or loss of their personal possessions and all the improvements they have made to their units. Lawsuits are also expected against the association for negligence in failing to install up-to-date fire alarms.

Meanwhile, many Marco Polo condo owners and renters say they are frustrated by having their lives put on hold for the two months of investigative work by insurance and fire investigators. He is one of the original owners who signed up to buy units even before the building was finished in The Schmidts have not been allowed to return to their damaged unit, circled, on the 26th floor.

Schmidt and his wife Brigida are renting a place in the Marco Polo while they wait for his condo to be repaired. Until the fire, they lived next door to unit No. Investigators told the Schmidts their unit was too badly damaged by water and smoke for them to move back in. A total 80 units were damaged by fire, and 30 were destroyed. Another condos sustained water damage.