Night Vision: Praying Through Change

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I'm praying for his freedom , his health and his strength to stay clean. Laura Mendola , November 8, AM. God is amazing and I have so much love for him. I will pray for your son to be healed from this horrible addiction.

Night Vision: Praying Through Change

Please stay strong and keep your faith even stronger. My 38 yr old son is in jail he is addicted to heroin he has never done drugs before. I pray for God to send someone to say he needs rehab because hes really a good person who got caught up in a bad addiction but it seems like hes just a drug addict in jail and no one cares. I have prayed for him for months and I feel like God is justbnot hearing me. I have some issues in my life of people I don't like and I keep praying about it but I cant seem to get passed it. Please pray for my son and me.

He has a 12 yr old son also this is so sad. Rominger , October 2, PM.

I can say with great certainty that Yes indeed God does hear and answer your prayers. As a PhD I had the same questions as everyone else. The difference is my scientific background wanted to prove it. I believe I have. I wrote a book that documents what I found.


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Great Discussion. Keep it up! I am recently widowed This is really an inspirational article. To me it's like God has forsaken me. I lose my husband eight months we got to us to car accident, and life has never the same for me and my son. I prayed all kinds of prayer to God, no way, but i still belief and have faith in him. Erika , September 21, PM. We have a 4 month old son. I could really use his help right now. I've done nothing but pray to go. I've never prayed like this before.

I'm not even sure if I'm believing or having enough faith or not because I've need poured my heart out to God. I could probably use some guidence.

God has a reason for everything. I'm putting my trust in him because his my only hope at this point. I'm ready for a change. And I will regardless of the outcome. Talking to God has gave me comfort. I even asked for a angel to help us My son started laughing into the air right after. Believing in Good, good will come. Never doubt him and good will come as well.

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He loves us. I pray for all of the people in need. Pray for each other and everything will be okay. This is a very inspiring article. I have had a lot of prayers answered in the past but all of a sudden I can't seem to get an answer to any prayer that I have put before God in the last four years.

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As a result I feel very unhappy and can't help looking around me and comparing my situation to my friends, workmates etc. I am serious and know what I want from God. So I need my prayers to reach him so that I may get an answer. I have prayed and fasted to no avail. I have looked inside myself and confessed my sins but still my God is silent.

I don't know how to pray any more. I want God to speak to me and let me know what it is that I must do to get His attention. I also ask for your prayers Rabbi for God to hear and answer me. The problem with most folks me included! He will never abandon you or leave your side! All you have to do is call upon him in faith! And yes, sometimes he does arrange small mishaps to get us back on track, that's for sure!

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But always remember its for our own benefit! In the end, he wants us to be healthy, happy, and to follow his word. God bless you! May God richly reward you for the work you are doing.

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This article has been such a blessing to me. I've been praying for the same thing for a while, I feel as if it's impossible but I'm trying my hardest to anticipate that god will help me. I know without a doubt that I want this but he hasn't answered me yet, and I don't understand why.

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But this was very helpful! Lorna , August 19, AM. Don't give up praying but simply remember that His timing is ever the best. He knows why He's not doing it immediately but trust Him more because your miracle is just under your nose. Also ask yourself if what you are asking is in line with His will.

God is so great. Unfathomable yet nobody knows it remarkable things are happening in the world there is no end to the works of God all the time there are changes new creations wonders miracles yet nobody knows it one cannot even speak of it each person has his own perceptions to go by a person can always fortify himself never to lose hope regardless of where they have fallen never despair of crying outti God in Hisgreatness Godhas the power tour everything to good. Although I a Catholic, you gave me inspiration to look within my self when God throws me a red light.

God gives us many green lights and when He does that's when we need to show more thanks! God bless! This article was an answer to my prayers. This has changed something inside me, and I will always be thankfull! Thank you Rabbi Noah for a very insightful and thought provoking article. I agree with the catholic girl.