Scaredy Dog! Understanding & Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog

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Dominance Theory in Animal Training. Why Changes are Needed. This is, without question, my favorite book about working with fearful dogs and one of the most comprehensive books on the subject of dogs and fear on the market. This book makes a fantastic gift for pet owners and dog trainers alike!

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Scaredy Dog! Living with a reactive dog can be frustrating and overwhelming. I had the pleasure of attending a Scaredy Dog!

It always helps to see the techniques demonstrated by a professional, so consider picking up the DVD supplement — your dog will thank you for it! If any single book helped me attain the skills and understanding I needed to guide Monte through his own reactivity, it was this book. Not only did I learn a number of very valuable, effective techniques for helping Monte deal with his reactivity, I also learned to control my own emotions to become a better and more capable handler.

Scaredy Dog Ebook

In fact, there are so many fantastic exercises, I recommend reading the book next to a stack of post-its, so you can mark your favorites! Options include continuing without training, continuing with training, exploring medications, rehoming, or euthanasia. In the end, it is up to the owner what to do, but they may need an advocate to help them sort through their feelings and options.

And still other times, I may give an example of something that happened in reactive dog class. Learning does not happen in a linear manner, so there are ups and downs.

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It helps to know there are others out there with a dog like yours. That means that they have a support group to help them through tough times, and also to celebrate successes and victories. Training, training, training. Lots of focus exercises, lots of nice quiet hikes where recall can be rewarded and then the dog sent off again to sniff, and I also love LOVE to teach rally.

Rally is fun and challenging but not so fast-paced that reactive dogs lose their minds. I have MANY reactive dog class graduates in my rally classes Ali and her dog Bing doing Rally.

Scaredy Dog : Understanding and Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog

There are a few newer methods for working with dogs, particularly with issues like aggression and reactivity. Once in a while I get a dog who seems to hit a wall, and then we explore other options, such as medications or more intensive TTouch. Currently, though, I am practicing rewarding breathing skills with my Belgian who is anxious. Karen Overall has been doing this with many of her clients, and it is a form of biofeedback. Ali likes to hike with her dogs.

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Above Bing and Acacia. She has taught them to "check in" with her before getting too far ahead. You can see Bing looking back towards Ali.

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I think that I, at least, am lacking in real knowledge about fear periods in particular, and changing perceptions in general. The dog reportedly has not had a bad association with the thing or being, and yet now the dog is fearful or reactive toward it.

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  7. It sure would be helpful to know more about how this happens! This one-hour long DVD will show you in detailed how to set up exercises to train and rehabilitate your dog. Must Read! This is an excellent introductory book for owners of fearful and aggressive canines.