Sold Short: Uncovering Deception in the Markets

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Solv-Ex: Something Oily Ch. Schonberg's List Ch. By-the-Numbers Stock Promotions Ch. Gross Mismanagement Ch. Abusing the Process Ch.

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He delights in naming dozens of analysts, journalists and brokerages he says helped pump up dubious stocks that later tanked after he issued withering research reports. Members of both occupations require deep scepticism about the motives of the rich and powerful, and both engender a black humour that can be off-putting to the innocent and uninitiated. Short-selling is the sale of borrowed or never-owned securities with the intention of profiting from a decline in their price. The profit is made when the shares price has declined, and the short-seller is able to repay the loan of the securities or makes good the promise to deliver with securities bought at a lower price.

The profit is limited to the price of the security at the time the short sale is made; the loss can be as high as a security's price can rise. There are quiet, behind-the-scenes short-sellers - and then there is Manuel Asensio.

His brokerage house, Asensio Company, specialises in executing short sales for clients, some of which are almost certainly investment funds in which he has an interest. He searches for frauds and simple overvaluations in the securities market, sells them short on behalf of his clients, and then trumpets their shortcomings to the world. Along with other journalists, I have made use of Asensio's material, though not without checking it first. When I did, it turned out to be quite reliable. Not everyone has the same feeling about Asensio.

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He is regularly sued by promoters and others connected with the objects of his research and mockery. He has, however, only paid one fine to the National Association of Securities Dealers, and believes he has been vindicated after he agreed to that settlement. Now he has written a book, Sold Short, to tell the world how he does it.

To use the type of military metaphor popular on Wall Street, Asensio is the sort you would choose to lead an infantry charge against a fortified position.

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However, as another short-seller says: "I think I'd prefer to wait for the armoured division. Promoters are scum. Establishment companies are corrupted by greed.