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The Degraded Spirit in Secular Society. Jung and the Prophetic Life. Spiritual Renewal From Below. The Integration of the Dark Side. The Problem of the Spiritual in the Reception of Jung. David Tacey has written extensively on spirituality, mental health and society. His most recent book is Gods and Diseases: Making sense of our physical and mental wellbeing. David is Professor of Literature at La Trobe University, Melbourne, where he teaches courses on the crisis of meaning in Western culture, Jungian psychology and postmodern theory.

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Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Summary The twenty-first century could well be Jung's century, just as the twentieth century was Freud's.

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At the end of analysis, a patient should be bothered more than ever - not by his own neurosis, but by the pathology of the world. Like an artist, he should have a heightened sensitivity to what is around him. At a time when many therapists, particularly followers of Freud, are making intense efforts to establish the scientific credibility of their work, Dr.

Hillman seeks with equal fervor to align therapy with the humanities, to make it an esthetic activity. Hillman said in an interview. Hillman, a lanky, intensely thoughtful therapist who for 12 years was the director of studies at the Jung Institute in Zurich, now lives in a rambling, 's house in Thompson, Conn. There he and his wife, Pat Berry, a Jungian analyst and expert on dream interpretation, see patients from as far away as Vermont and New York City.

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Hillman and Dr. Berry share their house with a family of six Laotian refugees, who help them care for two goats, two horses, a flock of chickens and a vegetable garden.

An advocate of the healthiness of bonds between people and animals, Dr. Hillman takes particular pleasure in riding his horse through the nearby woods. Hillman's intellectual terrain lies where psychology and the humanities meet. The books in his study are not the usual clinical and scientific works that line the offices of most therapists, but rather the library of a scholar in the humanities: Cervantes and Joyce, Machiavelli and Michelangelo, Augustine. It is in the manner of a Renaissance thinker that Dr. Hillman writes and speaks about therapy. His mission, as he sees it, is to offer new ideas, to add to the creative ferment of the cultural imagination.

Psychology, in Dr. Hillman's view, ''has forgotten it was the study of the soul. Hillman uses ''soul'' in a special psychological sense: It is to be found in the human capacity of imagination, manifest in dreams and fantasy, poetry and art. The antidote to what he sees as psychology's aridity, and the task of therapy, in his view, is the development of a ''sense of soul,'' and the ''cultivation of imagination.

Its pragmatism, whether in the clinic or in the laboratory, kills fantasy or subverts it into the service of practical goals. Perhaps the most radical of Dr.

C.G. Jung talks about the nature of “spirit”

Hillman's ideas is that the world itself has a ''soul,'' and that therapy should not only recognize that fact, but help patients cultivate the ability to better notice the world. In this respect he goes far beyond other movements that have tried to extend the focus of therapy, such as family therapies, which see the roots of disorders in social relationships, and social psychiatry, which finds sociological causes - and political and economic solutions - to patients' problems. While Freud proposed that civilization could be neurotic, Dr. Hillman extends that idea to the physical world itself.

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Jung used the mandalas with his patients to help them listen to their inner voice. It was a way to decentralize the ego, to break the murmuring of obsessive thoughts so that the person could find new routes of liberation and come to a new state of consciousness.

To conclude, the legacy of Carl Gustav Jung is undoubtedly one of the most vast and richest in terms of knowledge, approaches and conceptions. Although his theoretical contributions are still very present in the field of psychoanalysis, to this day there are many who prefer to focus only on his spiritualist ideals.

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