Subiras Story: A Laymans Look At Marriage

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What does it take for a marriage to last 'till death' and who is willing these days to endure the This, in many ways, makes it hard to Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. Filter Results.

How We Met! The Story Behind Waiting For Marriage

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Lancasterian Education. National ID or Circles of Fonet - phonetic alphabet. Worldwide 4. Affiliated Sites The government of Vargas is successful, and the prosperity of Manila continues. An embassy comes from the ruler of Borneo to ask for the establishment of commerce between that island and Manila, and to adjust some disputes over the relations between the Spaniards and Borneans. Just before the chapter-session of convenes, some of the friars who were born in the Indias lay claim to the offices in the order, and attempt to enforce this pretension by legal proceedings; the archbishop decides against them, and they are punished for their rebellion.

Charges against him are sent to Madrid, which later cause his removal from office. In November, , a wonderful comet appears, which in the superstitious belief of that time, causes much evil. The galleon which sails this year for Acapulco is driven back to the islands by contrary winds, thus causing great loss to the citizens.

In each year Diaz relates the departure or arrival of the galleons, failure in which is a calamity for Manila. Some of the brethren go to China as missionaries; they encounter much annoyance from the requirement there made that they must be subject to the apostolic vicars of Rome. In an envoy from Siam comes to Manila, partly to secure permission for the prime minister of that [ 18 ] country to settle in Manila: this favorite, who was a Greek, intrigues with the French to surrender Siam to them, but the enterprise fails, and the Greek loses his wealth and his life.

The envoy an Augustinian friar named Sousa encounters shipwreck on another journey, and spends the rest of his life as a hermit in Siam. In that city, during the exile of the archbishop account of which has been here omitted, to avoid repetition , the ecclesiastical cabildo punish his chief supporters with banishment. In Governor Curuzelaegui comes to the islands, and with him Juan de Zalaeta to take the residencias of Vargas and his favorite Guerrero; but the latter escapes from the islands in time to avoid this ordeal. A large band of Augustinian religious also arrive.

The new governor restores the banished archbishop to his see. In a terrible epidemic of smallpox ravages not only the islands but China and India, and millions of people die from it; then follows a cruel famine, and still more deaths. The bishop of Nueva Segovia dies, and that diocese remains sede vacante until Fray Alvaro de Benavente is sent to Rome as procurator of the province. The galleon for Acapulco does not sail this year, for, on the report of pirates cruising around the Embocadero, it is equipped as a war-vessel to attack them and drive them away; but it does not find them, and returns to Manila.

Diaz enlarges upon the injurious effects on the Spanish colony of allowing its business and industries to fall into the hands of the Chinese.

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They are unscrupulous in their dealings with Spaniards; they become Christians through mercenary motives; and they undermine the faith of the Christian Filipinos. They should not be allowed to live among the natives. In this same year occur excessive rains, which ruin the crops and cause great scarcity and suffering; and for two years no galleons can sail to Acapulco. A large part of the Chinese settlement near Manila is consumed by fire March 28, ; and the people are harassed by a fearful plague of locusts, many earthquakes, and a fatal epidemic of influenza.

Diaz relates the way in which the persons most prominent in the Pardo controversy ended their lives. An expedition is sent to chastise the murderous attacks made by the Zambals and Negritos; this is partly accomplished, but the troops are attacked by influenza and so weakened that they are compelled to return to Manila.

The Audiencia having been broken up by the death or the exile of the auditors, a new Audiencia arrives in ; also a special commissioner to investigate the proceedings of Vargas and other officials.

Vargas is exiled to the provinces, and afterward sent to Spain, but dies on the voyage thither; Diaz characterizes his official character. The exiled favorite Valenzuela is set at liberty, but is accidentally killed at Mexico. While attending to the despatch of the Acapulco galleon, Governor Curucelaegui dies April 27, ; he is praised by Diaz as an excellent ruler. In the chapter of Fray Francisco de Zamora is elected provincial. Auditor Abella acts as governor ad interim , with much prudence and ability. Archbishop Pardo dies in ; the cabildo rule the diocese in his place for a time, but afterward cede this authority to Barrientos, bishop of Troya.

This leads to much dissension and trouble for a time, Barrientos claiming supreme authority; but he is induced to yield this claim, and peace is restored. With him come a band of Augustinian religious, in charge of Fray Alvaro de Benavente; his adventures and the concessions that he obtains are recounted.

Brief sketches are given of the twenty-seven missionaries who come this year. Another galleon is also lost at sea The Editors August, Sources : The first of these documents is composed of several parts—the first, second, fourth, and fifth of which are obtained from the Ventura del Arco MSS. Ayer library , iv, pp. Translations : These are by Emma Helen Blair. With the arrival of his illustrious Lordship the archbishop, Doctor Don Diego Camacho y Avila, 1 were renewed the former claims for the subjection of the regulars to the visitation.

Autres titres intéressants

He commenced at Tondo and Binondo, mission villages of the fathers of St. Dominic and St. Augustine, in which places he caused edicts to be read, and appointed secular priests as curas. They broke open the doors of the said two churches with axes; and on seeing this the provincials, all agreeing, presented their renunciation [of those mission fields], and ordered all their subordinates to withdraw from the doctrinas of these districts, [ 26 ] Tagalos, Pampanga, Laguna, and Balayan.