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This game we play a bloodsport that's unlike any seen before. In the wake of madness we wonder if we'll see another day It's kill or be killed Modern day gladiators murdering for thrill Kill, or be killed? It's the survival of the fittest! Kill, or be killed?

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Who will be crowned the apex predator? Dominate the land, Become champion. Defile your foes, destroy them all go forth and inherit the crown Dominate the land, Become champion. Defile your foes, destroy them all go forth and inherit the crown You want to see me fail? Not today, mother fucker. Contact Encircle. Streaming and Download help. Volume by Wide Eyes.

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I love these guys, and they're all good friends of mine! Chris Vogagis helped me co-write the closing songs on Into the Dreamstate and did a solo on one! His band is going to be huge one day! The Omega Experiment are just astounding. Dan has built them from the ground up and now they're signed to Listenable Records! Give them a listen!

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Salt the Earth by Carthage. Carthage are good friends of mine, and I highly recommend you check them out! If you like Encircle, you may also like:. Cacophony of Terror by Nightmarer. Obituary by Obituary. As you can see, so far, the poll has viewers more or less split, with a little more than half voting that the ending was perfect, while others either didn't like the ending or aren't sure We didn't even get into whether people preferred the book's ending to the movie, but that's well worth discussing, especially for those of us who hadn't read the book before we saw the movie.

Edge of Tomorrow ends with Rita Emily Blunt and Cage Tom Cruise diving head first toward their own deaths as they attempt to destroy the "Omega," which is the being that's at the center of everything, particularly as it relates to resetting the day.

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Because Cage lost his ability to reset the day, due to a blood transfusion, he and Rita know that there's no way they are going to walk away from this. They have one chance to kill the Omega, and they will most certainly die trying. There will be no new reset. Rita and Cage get the job done, as Rita holds off the mimics while Cage blows up the Omega, but as Cage is drowning, he re-inherits the Omega's day-resetting powers and a new reset happens.

Cage wakes up at an earlier point than the previous reset -- the popular theory going around to explain this is that Cage came into contact with the mimic blood much earlier in the timeline this time around, so his new reset was also earlier as a result -- to find that the war has shifted drastically in humanity's favor the Omega remained destroyed through the reset. Cage is alive and so is Rita, though she technically hasn't met Cage yet, but they're last seen looking at each other. The only happier ending would have been if Cage and Rita could have earned any credit for their efforts.

Same for J-Squad. Those people have no idea they helped save the world, which is a shame. But Cage and Rita are alive, and it's kind of implied by Cage's smile that he'll try to win Rita over again. Maybe they'll live happily ever after together.

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Who knows? In the book, there's a different set of rules involving the aliens. While they're still called mimics, instead of the Omegas and Alphas, there are Servers and Backups and Antennas, and if a person inherits the day-resetting power, they can't lose it with a blood transfusion. Without going into the complicated specifics about how looping works in All You Need is Kill , we'll just skip to the ending, which reveals that Rita has become an "Antenna," which means the Mimics are still able to loop.

After Keiji kills the Server, Rita lures him into a fight and reveals that Keiji has to kill her in order to end the loop. If he dies, it's forever. If she dies, the loop will end and so will the war eventually. Only one of them can escape either way. Keiji reluctantly fights back, beats her and kills her.

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The book takes a much more tragic approach to the ending, which has Keiji emerging as a hero of the war. It's drastically different from Edge of Tomorrow in both respects, as the film's version allows Rita to keep her life but takes away Cage's glory. I get the impression Keiji would have been very willing to give up the medal he received when the war was over for a chance to have Rita back, so there is a trade-off, but it's definitely an uneven one. I didn't hate it, but I did wonder if any alternate endings had been seriously considered, and whether or not I would have liked a slightly more tragic conclusion, especially when we consider how affected Rita was by the war and the loss she'd experienced.

The thought of Cage emerging from his never-ending day victoriously while Rita remained a casualty might have worked as a bittersweet but ultimately more satisfying conclusion to an extremely entertaining movie. At the very least, I don't think it would have hurt the film, but more than half of our poll voters may disagree with me there. Just to emphasize my own personal take on the adaptation and the ending of Edge of Tomorrow by comparison to All You Need is Kill , here's a true story that dates back to a chilly December evening in