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UK EU. In Stock. It really depends on their interests. For a two week trip I would highly recommend a group tour. Group tours are an amazing way to tick off many must see sights in a short amount of time. Your guide will organize all the tickets and transfers, meaning you just have to relax and wield your camera. Two weeks is not nearly enough time to find your feet, and you would really need to hit the ground running. With regards location, I am mighty impressed with Peru.

Do they still do that now that you are gone? Are you now a legend in Chile? Paintball Paragliding was totally off the dial. I have never been so scared, nor have I ever laughed so hard in my life.

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The absurdity of what we did would make mothers the world over cringe! I did take a few nose dives while learning, but I was a passenger for the aerial paintballing.

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My pilot Rob, is a seriously experienced pilot so I was in safe if crazy hands. Hiking has always been a big part of your life, with many adventures as a child with your father in Australia, and it seems part of what prompted you to go abroad in the first place.

What was your favorite hike in South America and why? There are many amazing treks to be done in South America, but the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru was my favorite, not only for the breathtaking scenery. When I owned the pharmacy, I had a picture of a guy leading a laden donkey through snow-capped mountains.

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Wandering off into the hills with a donkey in tow just seemed like the perfect metaphor for what I wanted out of life, and a striking contrast to what I had. While trekking the Cordillera Huayhuash region, I was struggling big time with altitude … I had headaches, nausea, shooting stars in my vision, all the fun stuff. As I came over a ridge-line the entire Andes were splayed out in front of me like some vibrant painting. I had long forgotten about the donkey photo, but as I watched condors soaring on thermals the memory came rushing back.

Pinching myself, I realized I was finally inside my photo. This was a big moment for me. I will always remember this area fondly despite the murderous bandits and riots that followed. Yes, Jette and I are still very much in love, happily married and expecting our first baby in April. We are still committed to exploring this world however, and are planning to visit Denmark in July. I will be taking a side trip to Switzerland to catch up with Fabio, whom I met in Chile.

In the disclaimer that starts the Amsterdam chapter I make it clear that this chapter is completely fictional. No pharmacist in his right mind would risk registration issues by smoking, and then admitting to have smoked, a substance that is illegal in his home country… However, IF the chapter were real, I would say that maybe there were extras in the mix, or maybe the protagonist just got too stoned and let his imagination fly. I can assure you that the — fictional — character did sleep well that night!

How long did the project take you from start to finish? Do you now think of yourself as more of an artist — a writer — than a pharmacist? What are the current plans for future living? It took two and a half years, to polish The Red Rucksack to the stage where I was happy to publish.

To answer your second question, I will do some pharmacy relief work going forward but have yet to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, besides finish my second book which is coming along nicely. Thank you for the interview and introducing me to your story. How can folks contact you, read about your current adventures and also buy the book if so inclined?

My blog has a dedicated book page with fan reviews and links to buy: www. My blog is www.