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Trease And Evans Pharmacognosy 16th Ed.

A reservoir of knowledge in a field where there is a resurgence of interest - plants as a source of drugs are of growing interest both in complementary medicine fields and in the pharmaceutical industry in their search for new 'lead compounds'. Dr Evans has been associated with the book for over 20 years and is a recognised authority in all parts of the world where pharmacognosy is studied, his knowledge and grasp of the subject matter is unique.

Meticulously referenced and kept up to date by the editor, new contributors brought in to cover new areas.

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Published: 27th May Imprint: Saunders Ltd. If you wish to place a tax exempt order please contact us. Hydrolysable tannins. Condensed tannins proanthocyanidins. Pomegranate rind. Aspidosperma barks. Celery fruit Apium Apii Fructus. Production and uses of volatile oils. Composition of volatile oils. Preparation of volatile oils. Canada turpentine. Pumilio pine oil. Sweet orange peel. Terpeneless orange oil. Terpeneless lemon oil. Cassia Chinese cinnamon or cassia lignea.

Pimento or allspice. Grains of paradise. Santonica flowers. Antibiotic glycosides. Nucleosides or nucleic acids. The nitrogen of alkaloids. Tests for alkaloids. Cell tissue and organ culture. Colchicum seed and corm Colchicine. Calabar bean and physostigmine. Food Microbiology. Osman Erkmen. Advances in Plant Biopesticides.


Dwijendra Singh. Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat Volume 1. Lisa K. Advances in Medicinal Plants.

K Janardhan Reddy. Progress in Food Preservation. Rajeev Bhat. Achieving sustainable production of eggs Volume 1. Juliet R. Micronutrient Deficiency in Soils and Plants. Theocharis Chatzistathis. Ronald Eisler. Nutrition and Feeding of Fish. Tom Lovell. Seaweed Sustainability. Brijesh K.

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    Deepak Kumar Verma. Chlorinated Insecticides. T Brooks. Vijay Veer. Medicinally Important Trees. Aisha Saleem Khan.

    Trease and Evans Pharmacognosy, 16th, Evans, [email protected]+6285.220.403.879 Bukupedia Sounders Elsevier

    Chemistry in the Garden. Chris Brickell. Effects of Forage Feeding on Milk. Pavel Kalac. Min-Tze Liong. Wild Edible Vegetables of Lesser Himalayas. Arshad Mehmood Abbasi.

    Trease and Evans' Pharmacognosy

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